17 Amazing Home Remedies For Black Hair

Home Remedies For Black Hair
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In this article, I am going to share with you how to keep our hair always black. Generally, we can observe over the world between 45-65 age of people got grey hairs. It is 74 per cent of affected people by grey hair. Now I am going to share the best home remedies for black hair.

 Best Natural Home Remedies For Black Hair

1. Getting healthy foodsHome Remedies For Black Hair

We get our nutrients for hair from food. Healthy foods only give all nutrients and nourishment contents to our hair and it manages the hairline problems and melanin level of our hair naturally. So selecting healthy foods for hair always make amazing hairs on our scalp and with our meals. Increase fruit and vegetables with your meals to get these benefits soon.

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2. Ghee and MulethiHome Remedies For Black Hair

These are wonderful home remedies for black hair. It maintains our hairs as a conditioner and treats ours hears to be frizz, shiny, glowing and thick. Mulethi is making our hairs black because of managing the melanin contents of our hairs.

There are a few simple steps to make the remedy

  •  Take 1kg ghee
  • Take amala juice(Depending on your hair length)
  • 250g Mulethi
  • Mix the all content in a bowl and heat them in a low-level flame
  • After getting the mask the water content evaporated from the mask.
  • Then pour the content into the bowl and allow it to cool
  • After a few minutes apply the colourful remedy on your hair completely before your shower.
  • After that, you will surprise with the appearance of your hair. It is an amazing solution to get black hair again instead of chemical dyes

Follow the remedy when you get free time.

3. Coconut oil

Home Remedies For Black Hair

Coconut oil prevents and stimulates hair growth with curry leaves and it also helps to get black hair as we prefer.

Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C Vitamin B2, iron and calcium are higher in nutrients in curry leaves. They produce extra melanin and keep the hair black.

The south Indians always have the coconut oil bath as a ritual.

We can simply make coconut oil with curry leaves hair masks for getting black hair.

Heat some pure coconut oil with help of a bowl. Add 5-9 curry leaves while the oil bowl is heating –up

After 5 minutes later remove the bowl from the flame and let cool.

After a while applies and massages the concoction all over your hair well.

It will be a very quick remedy to bring back colour to your hair.

4. Hibiscus

Home Remedies For Black Hair

Using the hibiscus flower for hair black is the most powerful way to get hair black.

We can simply make hibiscus hair masks in these ways

  1. Take 1-3-hibiscus flowers
  2. Coconut oil or other hair oil

Boil the two contents in a bowl with a low flame for about 10-15 minutes.

After a while let cools them and applies your hair completely. Follow this before your shower.

5. Amla


Home- Remedies- For- Black- HairThere are several nutrients and vitamins in amla

Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin, iron, calcium, protein, fibre, sugar and carbohydrates are some of them. They protect the hair and help to avoid the affection of grey hair.

Amla has a long history in south Indian culture because of that benefits.

We can make amla juice or a hair mask to get black hair in several methods. Taking meals with amla is very useful for all hair-related problems, especially for split ends of hair

How to get most of the benefits of home remedies for black hair by amla?

The strategy is very simple to follow the exact ways and get the results soon.

  •  Take 1/2 litre of pure water
  •  Take 2-3 tbs of amla powder or amla
  •  Take 1-2 lemon juice

All you have to do is mix them properly and use them as hair shampoo. It strengthens the hair roots and helps to change into black naturally.

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6. Mango

home remedies for black hair

Mangoes are very good ingredients for hair-related issues. They maintain the ph level on our scalp very great. We can use mangoes to grow hair always black with some remedies.

There are simple steps to making a mango hair mask

1. Take 1-2 mangoes, leaves, and coconut oil or hair after that grind them properly. Now place the mixture in a bottle  under the sunlight

After a few minutes,  apply all of your hair and get amazing results in a couple of months.

7. Onion hair mask

home remedies for black hair

The onion has massive sulfur content and it prevents hair loss and any other hair problems in a success full way.

Some so many people reverse their hair-related issues with this method. The sulfur content boosts hair growth and provides massive strength to the hair strands.

Onion is also used in hair to leave the affection of grey hair. Let us make a hair pack for black hair all of the ages.

Take 3-5 onions depending on the length of your hair. And grind them. Get the onion juice in a bowl

After that add some hair oil to it. You can use the remedies thrice a week to get good results. After you will observe your hair growth and colour changes on your hair.

8. Carrot

home remedies for black hair

We heard about the benefits of carrots from grade 1 in our school levels. Likewise, the carrot has luxury hair-related benefits to grow the hair we can use the carrot as a hair mask also.

Get 2-5 carrots, grind them then apply smoothly on your hair, let sit 10 minutes then rinse your mask with lukewarm water.

9. Mango stones

It is the magical way to reverse your black hair. If you use the mango stone oil from your early stages of grey hair you can entirely leave it on your life circle.

10. Lemon and  coconut oil

home remedies for black hair

Lemon is a fantastic ingredient to get black hair back. It has citric acid, diosmin and D-limonene. These types of nourishments help to grow hair faster and keep our hair black naturally.

We can make a lemon hair mask for grey hair with these simple tips

1. Get ½ coconut oil

2.1/2 lemon

All you need to do is heat the coconut oil with a low flame and squeeze the lemon on it.

After that allow them to cool a couple of minutes, then get your paste and apply whole hairs and scalp eventually, after 15 minutes later the masks seep into the pores of hair follicles well.

It stimulates and grows up your hair and changes the grey hair into black. Follow this remedy daily and get good results.

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11. Black Tea

home remedies for black hair

Black tea has caffeine content and it gives the natural black to your grey hairs.

We can make a black tea hair mask for grey hair with this type of method

  •  Get 2 cups of water
  •  Add 2 tbsp  black tea powder to it and one tsp salt
  • Boil them within a couple of minutes

After a while get them in a bowl and allow them to cool.

Then apply your scalps, hairs, roots and pores of follicles generously. It will stimulate and change the colour of your hair.

Continue the remedy daily to get amazing, shining and silky hair for all of your ages.

12. Shikakai

home remedies for black hair

Shikakai hair mask is the best hair shampoo in Ayurveda. It provides the natural beauty of your hair in different effective ways.

When you use a routine you can easily get hair growth and black hair. It reduces the splits end of the hair.

Its nourishments and minerals also provide flaunting a shiny mane.

Therefore, Shikakai plays a major role in hair growth and black hair. 

Get shikakai powder and add 2 cups of water then mix with your fingers after that apply them completely on your hair and scalp.

13. Ridge-gourd oil

home remedies for black hair

There are so many nutrients in ridge-gourd oil. linoleic acids, Cucurbitacin E,B, Vitamins A,C,B6 and oleic are some of them. And it contains enzymes. It restores and helps to produce melamine in hair roots.

How to make ridge–gourd oil at home for grey hair

  • Get small pieces of  sundried ridge-gourd, coconut oil
  • Add and Place them in a separate place for 3-5 days
  •  After that, boil them few minutes
  •  Strain them into a bottle
  • Apply and massage your scalp and hair

You can use the oil at night and wash it off in the morning with shikakai or mild shampoo to get amazing results within a few weeks.

14. Use natural hair dyes.

home remedies for black hair

There are loads of hair dyes on market and they are always chemical products that cause itchy and allergies on your scalp.

Homemade natural hair dyes prevent hair loss and provide natural black colour for the grey hair.

You can make natural hair dyes using hair herbal plants and herbs. It is a safe alternative for hair dyes on market.

If you get quick results for your grey hair from it you should follow the remedy again and get a massive result. Hence, it does not make grey to black one session.

Some  natural hair dyes

1. Coffee dye

1. Get ½ cup ground coffee,1 cup hot water,3-5 drops rosemary essential oil, 2 cups any hair conditioner,1t.apple cider vinegar

2. Add ground coffee to hot water for 10 minutes to soak

3. After that mix the rosemary essential oil, hair conditioner, and apple cider vinegar with the ground coffee.

4. Apply them to your hair to get your desired colour

2. lemon  with pepper dye

Get lemon, curd or yoghurt and ground pepper as you need then mix them properly

After that apply and massage on your scalp and hair and rinse for one hour letter

Continue to get good results to use the dye thrice a week.

3. Lemon with oil (Blonde hair remedy)

Get the 1cup lemon juice,1tsp jojoba oil,4drops rosemary oil, and 5 drops of citrus oil (orange, lemon, grapefruit)

Add them to a spray bottle and shake after That spritz them on your hair to get the desired result.

Note: You do not have to rinse this dye out of your hair. Get good distribution by spritzing and comb on your hair.

15. Almond oil mask

home remedies for black hair

Get equal of almond oil, lemon juice, coconut oil and amla juice .mix them and apply your scalp and hair to get good results to apply it daily routine for 3 to 4 months.

16. Eat ginger and ashwagandha

home remedies for black hair

Eating grated ginger with honey and ashwagandha supplements with foods is a very effective way to get black hair again. The foods stimulate the melamine on your hair strongly.

17. Apply amaranth juice

home remedies for black hair

Amaranth juice changes the grey hair into black hair. Use the amaranth hair mask twice a week to get a good result.

Important Note

If you get grey hair in an early stage. It could be genetic. This issue reduces the production of melamine in your hair.

Your early-stage hair greying describes the poor health of your body. Nutrient deficiency is also influenced by this problem.

Above mentioned home remedies for black hair lists are very effective and best for early hair greying and most hair-related issues.


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