Early Stage Male Pattern Baldness

11 Symptoms of Early Stage Male Pattern Baldness,Causes,Treatments

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Today, we can see, there, by 50 years of age 85 per cent of men are got baldness all around the world. It may be permanent or temporary according to their affected causes. In the modern world, we can treat all baldness problems and get our hair back clinically except for some cuticular causes. Generally, male pattern baldness is the most common hair loss in men and it is called alopecia in men or androgenetic alopecia. In this article, I am going to share with you the early stage male pattern baldness and how to treat it with a successful rate.

Symptoms of Early Stage Male Pattern Baldness

1. Starting hair thinning on top of the head

Early Stage Male Pattern Baldness

This is the starting point of getting baldness. Here, the hair volumes gradually reduce the hairs on the scalp on top of the head hairline

2. Getting patchy bald spots

Early Stage Male Pattern Baldness (

Sometimes, some infection creates patchy bald spots on our scalp and other hair growing parts of our body and it causes to get pain. Most patches cause by fungus and ringworm.

3. Scalp allergies and itchy problems

 Scalp allergies and itchy related issues are caused in our scalps for several reasons like using hair dye or other hair chemical products or some microorganisms affections.

They affect the scalp, hairlines and roots. Therefore if you see scalp allergies or itchy issues on your scalp they may cause hair loss

4. Split ends And breakage

Early Stage Male Pattern BaldnessIn recent days, split ends and breakage are increased by deficiency of nutrients and dryness of your scalp or hair. When it affects your hair it causes  hair loss

5. Sudden hair loss

When you face sudden hair loss on your head or body. sometimes, it is considered an early stage of getting baldness. It often happens by emotional or shocking incidents in some person and it is temporary hair loss. If you face these symptoms do not wait to get proper treatment for your hair.

6. Hair loss in all of the body parts

Early Stage Male Pattern BaldnessGenerally, hair loss in all body parts occurs by several changes in our body. hormonal changes are most of the causes of hair loss in all body parts. Sometimes when you get this type of symptom on your body it may cause male pattern baldness.

7. Receding hairline on the top head

Receding hairline is a hereditary trait, Men who have a baldness family history. they have a chance of losing their hair. Therefore, a receding hairline is a considerable symptom of male pattern baldness.

8. Scaly patches of your scalp

Generally, The male pattern of baldness starts in some men on the top of the head with scaly patches and some fungi and microorganisms affect the scalp and cause scaly patches in our scalp.

Therefore, scaly patches can cause hair loss and baldness where they are covered.

9. Redness and swelling on the scalp

Early Stage Male Pattern BaldnessRedness and swelling have occurred as some side effects of using drugs or chemicals on our scalp. long time swelling and redness sometimes, cause hair loss and getting bald.

10. Excessive hair loss

Excessive hair loss helps to get baldness. Sudden excessive hair loss decreases the hair roots and destroys the hair follicles likewise, deficiency of nutrients and side effects of drugs also cause excessive hair loss.

It is a temporary one. When you treat it well you can control the issue at all times.

11. Low-level hair growth

We can see, commonly, men are getting thinning hair and fewer growing hairs on their heads. It occurs to a deficiency of nutrients and your hereditary.

If the conditions increase, it will cause hair loss and getting male pattern baldness.

There are so many causes to get baldness such as


  1. Hereditary
  2. Medical causes
  3. Hormonal changes
  4. smoking and drinking
  5. anxiety and stress
  6. deficiency of nutrients
  7. poisons
  8. low immunity power
  9. Infection
  10. Using chemical products for hair


1. Hereditary

Early Stage Male Pattern BaldnessThe most common cause of hair loss is genetic which happens with our family history. That is called androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness.

It is a permanent hair loss problem and early proper medication will protect your hair.

2 Medical causes

Sometimes, we get hair loss side effects of using drugs for other treatments such as cancer, heart problem, blood pressure and arthritis.

These are the temporary issues. After getting proper medication, we can get our hair back.

3. Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes will affect the hair. we face many hormonal changes in our life circle. such conditions are pregnancy, thyroid and childbirth.

Proper medication will cure all of your problems and follow your consultant’s guidelines if you get like conditions before your hair loss.

4. Smoking and drinking

Early Stage Male Pattern BaldnessTypically, smoking and drinking cause to deliver toxins to our bodies. The toxins mix into the blood and the blood circulations provide the toxin’s contents onto the hair follicles. Therefore, these conditions cause sudden hair loss to get bald.

5. Anxiety and stress

Emotional and shocking conditions also cause hair loss but they are temporary. When we hear emotional or shocking news the hormonal imbalance conditions are increased and caused hair loss.

6. Deficiency of nutrients

Early Stage Male Pattern BaldnessIn the modern world, we do not consider eating healthy foods and without proper nutrients, we can not get a good hairline or control the hair fall. Vitamin A.C, minerals and nourishments are most wanted for healthy and silky hair.

7. Poison

Long term chemical mixed foods will affect your body and it will cause hair loss. Get organic foods and full fill your health conditions. The poison’s toxins contents destroy the hair roots and follicles entirely.

8. Low immunity power

If you get diseases very often by low immunity, sometimes it always causes hair loss.Therefore, improve your immunity system and keep your body healthy.

9. Infections

Early Stage Male Pattern BaldnessThe fungus affections are a major reason for getting infections on the scalp. They make bald patches on our scalp and it causes getting baldness soon.

10. Using chemical products for hair

There are a lot of hair growth products on the market. They are not proven for hair fall control and excessive using chemical products for hair will cause hair loss.

These are some most causes to get bald in all men. Generally, excessive hair loss causes baldness on our scalp and if you do not care about it it may cause to get permanent baldness.

What are the preventions of male pattern baldness?

Typically, in the modern world, there are a lot of treatments and medications for hair related issues.

There are two types of hair loss 

  1. Hereditary 
  2. Deficiency of nutrients and other issues

Hereditary treatments for male pattern baldness

There are two best medications for hereditary hair loss. they are minoxidil and finasteride. Generally, Hereditary hair loss occurs in men by DHT.DHT is the male hormone converted from the testosterone hormone.DHT eats the hair root and causes getting permanent baldness and we can control the hair loss by getting proper treatments in the early stage.


minoxidil for hairMinoxdil is a topical solution for treating androgenetic alopecia patients. It stimulates the blood circulation to grow up your hair. There are several brands and different percentage levels of minoxdil in the market for example 2%,5%,10% and 15%.

The consultant will prefer a good amount of percentage minoxidil according to your hair loss conditions.

Mostly 2 % per cent of minoxidil is used by women and 5% per cent of minoxidil is common for men.

If you have been affected by hereditary hair loss first consult your dermatologist and get proper treatment don’t use any medication without a consultant’s prescribes because the treatments have a lot of side effects.


finastride for hairThe androgenetic alopecia patients use the medications and get better results from their hair growth. The finasteride has a different amount of medication content to control the DHT. The consultant will prefer a good one for you as you need.

Generally, the finasteride causes a slow sexual drive but it is temporary. Before your treatment, the consultant will advise and guide you on how to take the medications without side effects.

Don’t treat your hereditary yourselves consider your consultant prescribes to avoid entire side effects from these medications.

Deficiency of nutrients and other issues

Here, There are a lot of treatments, the consultant will prescribe according to your conditions.

Other medications for hair loss

  1. PRP
  2. Hair transplant


PRP is a  blood injection treatment and the most successful treatment for hair loss in the early stage. The consultant will get your blood by syringe and separates the plasma content of your blood,  then inject the plasma into your thinning hairline. These are the simple procedure of PRP treatments.

Hair Transplant

It is a surgery and provides a permanent solution for baldness. Those who have hereditary baldness or baldness affected by other causes they can get the surgery and reverse their hair back.

Therefore, these are the best treatments for early stage male pattern baldness.

 When to See Your Doctor

If you get the above-mentioned symptoms or other related symptoms on your hairline or scalp. Don’t delay to consider your issues with your consultant because they may increase the issues.


  • There are several reasons for getting baldness. If you find symptoms of early stage male pattern baldness on your hairline get proper medications to control them.
  • Leave it from hair loss related causes and activities to get a natural healthy hairline.
  • The symptoms of early stage male pattern baldness will provide suggestions to get the treatment that you need. 

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