12 Shocking Causes of Hair Loss in Men : Get Best Treatments

causes of hair loss in men
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Hair loss problem is a common one for men and women.50 years of age there, about 85 per cent of men are balding and it reaches 4 out of 5 men by age 65 to 70. In this blog article, I am going to share with you what are the causes of hair loss in men. Read the article and confirm your reasons why you are getting hair loss.

 Causes of Hair Loss in Men

1. Genetics

causes of hair loss in men
Genetics is the most reasonable thing for getting baldness. You have heard about androgenetic alopecia.

It is called male pattern baldness it is triggered by jeans getting bald from your family. If you have close relatives who are balding there is a chance to get bald like them.

Scientists and doctors don’t prove the reason to get genetics hormonal changes causes hair loss and the hereditary baldness gradually happens to the same family members somehow.

The male pattern of baldness depends on your family history and starts at all age levels as early as your teens.

2. Anxiety  and stress

causes of hair loss in men

Anxiety and stress always cause hair loss in men. The emotional hormones and their factors cause hair loss. To avoid this issue be happy and manage your stress level at all times good.

3. Shocks

causes of hair loss in men
Sudden weight loss several emotional shocks, fever, surgery, allergies and certain diseases cause hair loss. The research article also proved the matter scientifically as shock causes hair loss.

4. Some infections

causes of hair loss in menFungus, bacteria and ringworm create patches and bald spots. It happens on our scalp without proper treatments.
If you get some itchy and allergies on your scalp too consult your dermatologist and get proper treatments for all of your hair issues.

5. Medical causes

causes of hair loss in men
Medical causes are temporary hair loss in men when you get any of certain diseases you can get a similar problem overall.
Thyroid, anaemia and some diets create the problems most in men by deficiency of nutrients.
If you follow any diets considering the protein level is much better to leave this issue.

Lupus and diabetes-related issues cause are higher in losing hair than other medical causes. If you face any related issues like this do not be late to consult your dermatologist and take action your doctor prescribes.

6. Side effects of drugs

causes of hair loss in men

Sometimes hair loss could be a side effect of drugs for these kinds of problems.

High blood pressure, cancer heart related, weight loss problems, arthritis, chemotherapy and radion treatment.
You can manage and get your hair back after getting treatment for these issues and stop the drugs when your doctor prescribes.

7. Drinking and Smoking 

causes of hair loss in men
Smoking causes injuries to health is a common set of words we heard as well as it includes hair loss also. Smoking tobacco damages the follicles and controls hair growth.

Researchers say tobacco contains 7000 chemicals that cause multiple issues in our bodies including hair loss.
one of the articles says, there are about 1  billion cigarette smokers are over the world it is nearly 20 per cent of the world population and  12.5% (30.8million) of male currently smokes in the USA

8. Pulling hair

causes of hair loss in men
Some people pull their hair when they get stressed it decreases hair roots and follicle strength. And this is an unaware thing of most people. Which is also called the Medical term trichotillomania.

9. Poisons

Being slowly passioned can cause hair loss. Poisons that generally have toxins like thallium arsenic, mercury and lithium and taking a large level of vitamins A, and selenium also cause hair loss.

10. Sexually transmitted infections

causes of hair loss in men
Untreated sexually transmitted infections can cause hair loss soon in men.
For example, syphilis causes patchy hair loss on the scalp, beard and eyebrows.

11. Low immunity system
The immunity system can lead to hair loss problems. If you have low-level immunity power in your body. Sometimes it causes hair-related issues.
Taking healthy foods will boost the immunity system to prevent all health-related issues.

12. Using chemical products for hair

causes of hair loss in men
Using chemical products for colouring, straightening and different types of cutting mostly causes hair loss in men. Here, instead of that, you can use some natural alternative hair products to prevent hair loss.


There are several reasons cause to hair loss in men, there for the men must know the causes and must follow the solution quickly to prevent the rest of their hair.

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