15 Amazing Indian Home Remedies For Silky Hair

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Today, We face many types of hair-related issues in our lives. The problem may occur from many causes. Getting silky hair is the most wanted thing of all of us. In this article, I am going to share with you Indian home remedies for silky hair. Keep reading the article and get your silky hair naturally.

Best Indian home remedies for silky hair

1. Aloe Vera

Generally, aloe vera uses for many hair-related issues. Giving silky hair is the most benefit of it. It prevents the hair follicles and stimulates melamine to grow hair silky. Silky hairs are always a good appearance and most people like that to get within a short period naturally. For that, they use Indian home remedies for silky hair.

Most Indians have silky hair and they are following their ritual and hair care remedies. Aloe vera is the best of things ours they use them moreover many hundred years. Siddha and ayurvedic hair treatments use aloe vera for silk hair and hair-related issues most of the way.

Aloe vera has loads of nutrients such as sugars, lignin,  vitamins, minerals, saponins, salicylic acids, and amino acids. and enzymes.

 The contains prevent and give the nutrients to the hair pores follicles, root and scalp variation. It causes to regrow and strength the hair and helps to produce silky. There are a lot of aloe vera-related products in the market although, fresh aloe vera gives the best moisture content to the hairs.

Now you can see how to make Indian style aloe vera hair mask for silky hair

Indian home remedies for silky hair with aloe vera hair mask

Simple procedures for making an aloe vera hair mask

  1. Get the gel from aloe vera and leave it in a bowl.
  2. blend with coconut oil or your hair oil
  3. Make your hair pack and apply your whole hair and scalp
  4. Let sit 30 minutes after that rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

2. Onion


We use onion in our kitchen for our cooking purposes every day. But It is always the best remedy for hair. The Indians use it as onion juice and an onion hair mask to get silky hair. You can get massive benefits from it without any chemical reaction.

I will share the truth and best benefits of onion for hair in these ways. onion has rich sulfur content mostly than other nutrients in it the hair. generally, the hairs also need sulfur content for growing and getting silky hair. Therefore, If you want to get silky hair without wasting your valuable time using chemical products this way will help you to achieve your hair growth well.

Now let us make an onion pack with Indian remedies methods. Get and follow the remedy, I am sure to say, you will observe some baby hair shining, and glowing hair after using the remedy within a couple of months.

Simple procedures for making an onion Hair mask

  • Get 2 to 3  fresh onions
  • Add coconut oil and aloe vera gel as you need depending on your hair length
  • Grind them with some water
  •  Make your hair pack and apply your hair completely
  •  Let sit for 30 minutes and rinse your hair with lukewarm water

3. Coconut oil

Indian-home-remedies-for-silky-hairMost Indians use coconut oil as their hair oil and they are getting an oil bath weekly with coconut oil, castor oil and any other oils. Coconut oil has Calories 121.

Protein, Fat, Fiber, Carbohydrates, Sugar Fat, and Saturated. The fine contents provide moisture to the scalp and reduce the dryness of your scalp. Dry scalp causes an itchy problem on the scalp and they produce dead cells or dent ruff

When you use coconut oil as a hair oil you can resolve the issues and getting silky hair is so simple.

Coconut oil bath and hair mask

Simple procedures for making  coconut oil Hair mask

  • Get 3 to 4 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • Heat it for a few minutes. after that apply the warm oil and massage your scalp. with help of your finger  10 -15 minutes
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap  for 30 minutes 
  • Rinse them with a mild shampoo

4. Amla

Indian-home-remedies-for-silky-hairIndians use amla in all of their hair and skin-related products because of the special benefits.

You can see in India, that most hair products’ main ingredient is amla. Amla has faster hair growth nutrients  such as minerals, vitamins A, C, E, iron, calcium and antioxidants, sugar, fibre, protein, fat

Above mentioned nourishments are very essential contents for silky hair and any other hair problems. Amla manages the hairs smoothly and it helps to produce a good immunity system and blood circulation system in our body and scalp.

How to use amla getting for silky healthy hair naturally

Simple procedures for making Amla’s Hair mask

  • Get 2 to 3  Amla or 3 tablespoon powder
  • Add lemon juice   and mix it well
  • Grind them and apply them to your hair and scalp
  •  massage your scalp with your fingertips
  • Let sit for 30 minutes and rinse your hair with lukewarm water

5. Healthy foods

Indian-home-remedies-for-silky-hairThere are several healthy foods for hair and the people take certain foods for their healthy silky hair

Banana, egg, chia seeds, spinach, walnuts, carrots, grains, avocado and flaxseeds are some best foods for hair and they are higher in protein

Now, let us talk about the benefits of these foods for hair.

1. Eggs

Indian-home-remedies-for-silky-hairEggs are high in vitamins A, E, folate, and biotin. They provide nourishment for hair growth and shine

To your hair as well it makes your hair look silky. Egg yolk has massive benefits for silky hair you can use the yolk separately when you apply an egg hair mask to your hair.

2. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are high in omega 3 fatty acids and fibre causes the faster and best  long hair growing

Omega 3 acids especially give much nourishment to the hair strands and follicles to grow up your hair silky. eating flaxseeds powder or flex seeds early morning with water is the best way to achieve the results. Likewise, nowadays flaxseeds are also used for androgenetic alopecia patients to reverse their hair naturally.

3. Banana

Indian-home-remedies-for-silky-hairBanana is higher and higher producing potassium. The potassium content provides the strength to the hair roots and follicles to grow up hair silky and shiny and avoids the split ends of hair. you can use a banana hair mask to moisture your hair more than other masks because of its high hydration power of it. Eat well and add that as your home remedy for silky, shining and glowing hair.

4. Walnuts

Indian-home-remedies-for-silky-hairNuts are always higher in omega-3 acids and they produce high-level protein in our bodies.

You can use wall-nuts on your early hair loss too. It provides amazing results for hair-losing persons

Walnuts have vitamin A, E and lots of magnesium contents. These contents strengthen the hair follicles scalp and hair strands especially. If you face any types of hair-related issues you can use walnuts without fear. It will provide healthy, shiny and silky hair.

5. Spinach

Indian-home-remedies-for-silky-hairSpinach is a green vegetable and loads massive nutrients on it. They are higher in protein vitamins, A, E, C  and minerals. A study suggests Vitamin A is good for hair growth but getting vitamin A supplements high level will cause hair loss. Spinach has iron contents also it prevents and strengthens the hairs, pores, and roots and smoothens the hair well.

Do not forget to get spinach in the morning  Generally celebrities take spinach in the morning to get amazing results on their hair and skin.

6. Hibiscus

home-remedies-for-silky-hairHibiscus flower and hair masks are all-time good for hair. In Ayurveda hibiscus considers the best herbal for hair. Calcium, iron, Phosphorous, Vitamin C, riboflavin and niacin are high nourishments in the hibiscus.

Hibiscus avoids toxins in our scalp and boosts hair growth faster.

Now let’s make a hibiscus hair mask for silky hair

Get some fresh hibiscus flowers and leaves in a bowl

Simple procedures for making a hibiscus Hair mask

  1.  Grind them with some bit of water
  2. Apply the pack to your roots and your hair.
  3. Cover your scalp  with a shower cap and let it rest for 30 minutes
  4. Rinse with a mild shampoo and observe the results only after a few uses

7. Sihkaikai

Shikaikai is the best home remedy for all hair problems.shikaikai is mostly used as a mild shampoo

It provides smoothness and moisture to the scalp and boosts the hair growth and shining of the hair.

Now we can see how to use shikaikai for hair silky in a useful way

Simple procedures for making  shikaikai Hair mask

  1.  Buy shikaikai powder or make it at home
  2.  before your shower apply your hair and scalp completely with a bit of water
  3. Let sit for 30 minutes
  4.  Wash it off with lukewarm water ( Use weekly twice to set good results on your hair)

8. Lemon with castor oil

Lemon with castor oil hair mask gives the best hair and stimulates the hair roots to get silky.

Castor oil has loads of antioxidant contents it helps to give a good appearance to the hair as silky. And lemon has a vitamin C high level it maintains hair as a conditioner.

And it controls the oil production of your scalp. Use lemon juice mix castor oil on your scalp before showering. It will provide good results for you. Continue this remedy twice a week.

9. Avacado

home-remedies-for-silky-hairAvocado and avocado hair mask provides amazing results for hair when you take avocado with your meals you can get high nutrients and control itchy dandruff, and moisture well

The hydration power is so high in avocados there for it provides moisture to the scalp and protects the scalp from dry affection.

If you face split ends of the hair you can use the remedies to get a good result.

Simple procedures for making an avocado hair mask

  • Get 2 to 3  Avocado with 3 tablespoons coconut oil
  • Smash them properly to get  well hair pack
  •  Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp
  •  Massage your scalp with your fingertips
  • Cover your scalp with a shower cap and let sit for 30 minutes
  • Rinse your hair with lukewarm water

10. Natural hair dying

Hair dies to perform on your scalp with the best and provide silkiness to your hair. there are a number of hair dyes we can make using natural plants and herbs. They do not give itchy, dandruff, breakage and split end on your scalp and hair.

Follow a healthy method by using hair dies definitely provides the best silkiness for your hair fore ever now let’s see the best natural hair dyes for hair.

Some natural hair dyes for silky hair

  1. Lemon juice
  2. Coffee
  3. Sage
  4. Chamomile tea
  5. Carrot
  6. Beet juice.

How to make natural hair dyes

1. Lemon juice

Simple procedures for making  lemon juice dye

  • Get 2 to 3  lemon
  • Squeeze the juice from the lemon
  • Add a bit of water
  • Mix them and get them in a spray bottle
  • Spray the content on your hair and scalp

2. Coffee

Simple procedures for making coffee dye

  •  Get a strong cup of dark-roast coffee brew
  •  Mix about 1/2 cup of coffee with a bit of water
  •  Apply clean and wet hair.
  • Let sit for  an hour, and rinse  it properly

3. Carrot juice

  •  Mix carrot juice with coconut or olive oil
  • Apply the pack to your hair properly
    Cover your hair with a shower cap or alternative one and let sit for an hour
  •  Rinse with apple cider vinegar to get high  benefits

11. Entirely avoid the chemical hair products

Chemical products don’t give long results on your hair to keep healthy and silky. They give temporary solutions for your hair and it causes side effects like itchy, swelling and allergies.

If you follow the Indian home remedies for silky hair with this method you can see the results with a few uses of the remedies.

12. Olive oil

remedies-for-silky-hairOlive oil contains massive fatty acids and antioxidants it covers all hair-related issues like dandruff, split ends of hair, patchy scalp and DHT issues.

We can use it as hair oil in our daily routine and its antioxidants change the hair healthy and silkier.

13. Using herps hair masks

remedies-for-silky-hairNowadays, we can buy a variety of natural hair masks and make them ourselves. Mango hair masks, Banana hair masks and curry leave hair masks are the best hair masks for other herbal hair masks. It stimulates hair growth and keeps hairs silky and glowing.

14. Using rabbit blood with coconut oil

Some people in India use the dried rabbit’s blood adding coconut oil for hair growth and silky hair. It is not a proven method but some of them get massive results from it.

15. Use vitamin E capsules with coconut oil

remedies-for-silky-hairVitamin E with coconut oil gives amazing results in our hair getting silky. It is a simple procedure to make the hair oil

drop the vitamin E capsules on the coconut oil bottle and mix them perfectly after that use them as your hair oil.

General question and answers

  • How many remedies do I want to follow it?
  • Select  2 or 3 remedies continuously as we mention to get good results
  • Which time is better to use a hair mask?
  • Morning time is good for applying a hair mask before showering.
  • How long do we follow the remedies?
  • You can follow the remedies for 3 – 4  months to get a good appearance on your hair.
  • Are there any side effects from the remedies?
  • No, But  if  you get some  allergies from  some remedies avoid the remedies  and follow the other one


Nature will protect nature’s life therefore all hair-related issues can be solved by natural remedies.

Follow up on these above-mentioned Indian home remedies for silky hair and entirely avoid the chemical products to achieve silky long hair.  

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